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Sunset Valley - Pneumatic Switch System

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Installation is very simple. All you need is an actuator, a toggle switch, some hose, and a compressed air supply (The hose can be up to 200 ft. long). The toggle switch either applies or releases air pressure to the actuator, which throws the turnout. An internal stainless steel spring in the actuator resets the turnout when pressure is released.

Usually you will want to control several turnouts; this is achieved by the use of a manifold as shown. Connecting a hose is easy, just push it over the barbed fitting for a permanent join. The user needs to provide a small compressor to supply air at 30psi to the system.





The actuator is screwed to the headblocks of the turnout and the throw pin is inserted into a hole drilled in the throwbar. Up to 1/2” movement is possible, most turnouts need about 1/4". A right angle elbow (ELL) can be fitted so the hose enters from the bottom or side.

$ 48

$ 12

In Stock

In Stock


Adaptor set to connect the system to an air compressor. Adaptor has a 1/8”NPT and a ¼” NPT male fitting.

$ 10

In Stock



Hose, Pneumatic. Simply push onto the barbed fittings of components for a permanent join. 

Hose, per meter  

Hose, 15m reel 

$ 4.00 / m

$ 48

In Stock

In Stock


To tell if the line to each switch is activated. Just tee off the line to the switch. The bezel colour turns from black to colour. Red and Green available.

$ 26

In Stock

Manifold 4
Manifold 6
Manifold 8
Manifold 12

Manifolds are used for controlling multiple switches. Four sizes are available, with 4, 6, 8 or 12 outlets. Connect unused pairs of parts on the manifold with short pieces of hose.

$ 24
$ 30
$ 30
$ 46

In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
In Stock

Quick Disconnect

Use a Quick Disconnect when you need to frequently break a line, for example across a lift bridge etc. Press the cap to release the tube.

$ 12

In Stock


Use a tee to operate two turnouts simultaneously from one joggle switch. Use a union to join two pieces of hose.

$ 7
$ 4

In Stock
In Stock


The toggle switch is mounted on a panel for convenience. Connect the back port to the supply and the side port to the turnout.

$ 42

In Stock

Lever Frame 

Lever Frame for the Sunset Valley Pneumatic System
Available in 6 lever and 12 lever assemblies. Comes as a kit with detailed instructions. Pneumatic switches not included
Build your own Signal Box or mount on a control panel
Available from MODRATEC at

contact MODRATEC

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