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Steam and Electric powered locomotives, rolling stock, track and accessories from 'Aster', 'Accucraft', 'Roundhouse' and 'Sunset Valley' for 45 and 32mm gauge garden railways in scales 1:32 (Gauge One), 1:29 (American Mainline), 1:24, 1:20 (G Scale), 1:19 (16mm/ft) and 1:13.7 (7/8"/ft)

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We have arranged our Products listing according to 'Scale' and 'Country of Operation' of the railway being modelled.
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Argyle Loco Works. (Australia)

Argyle Locomotive Works was established by Gordon Watson in the early '90s as a bespoke and batch builder of miniature steam locomotives in gauges 'O' and '1' for garden railways. Product lines from other manufacturers such as Roundhouse, Accucraft, Aster, Sunset Valley track were introduced and in 2010 Michael Ragg took on 'Sales' while Gordon continues to provide technical support.

Aster Hobby Co. Inc. (Japan)

Established in 1975, Aster has been producing steam locomotive kits to the very highest standard. The kits assemble into quality models with superb appearance and performance to match. Argyle Loco Works is the importer & distributor for the Australia and Oceania region.

Accucraft Trains (USA)

Accucraft Trains was formed in 1994 in Mountain View, California. They produce an extensive range model locomotive (Live Steam and Electric), rolling stock, accessories and track in a selection of scales for gauge 1 track. Live steam locos have appeared in 1:32, 1:20.3, 1:19 and 1:13.7 scale, covering everything from diminutive 0-4-0s to massive 4-8-8-4 UP 'Big Boys'!

Accucraft UK Ltd. (UK)

Accucraft UK Ltd was formed in 2004 by Ian and Sandy Pearse. Ian Pearse has over 30 years' experience in garden railways and a strong development relationship with Accucraft Trains. Their models are mainly of British origin (Live Steam and Electric) with rolling stock to match.

Roundhouse Eng. Co. (UK)

Roundhouse has been manufacturing live steam locomotives for 'G' Scale, SM45 & SM32 since 1982. Their reputation for reliable, simple to operate, hardworking engines and excellent customer support is well established. Some of their more popular models are available in kit form.

Steamco Engines. (Australia)

This Australian family business has been producing live steam models for over 20 years. Thousands of these beautifully made models have sold here in Australia and around the world.

Sunset Valley Railroad. (USA)

Sunset Valley Railroad offer the world's most comprehensive range of code 250 model railroad track system in 45mm and 32mm gauge. Suitable for 1:32, 1:20.3, 1:22.5 and 1:19 scales for both Garden and Indoor Railroads.

Regner Dampf & Eisenbahntechnik. (Germany)

Founded in 1978 by Manfred Regner this family business produce a range of steam models including locomotives in 45mm gauge, steam tractors, steam boats, boilers , stationary steam units and a variety of small parts.

Summerlands Chuffers (UK)

A precision engineered accessory that enhances the chuffing sound from the loco. Since 2009 the team of Chris Bird and Nigel Garrett have developed a range of over 100 types of chuff pipes. They also direct the oily condensate downwards, keeping the loco much cleaner.

Mamod Ltd (UK)

Mamod Ltd (UK)

Based in Birmingham and manufacturing models since 1936, Mamod continues to produce the high quality steam engines it did when established by Geoffrey Malins. Although the Mamod range has expanded vastly since those early years, it still produces engines with all the passion and quality engineering of its founding years.


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